Pulau Tioman, the largest in a group of 64 volcanic islands which includes Pulau Seri Buat, Pulau Sembilang, Pulau Tulai, Pulau Chebeh, Pulau Labas and Pulau Renggis is situated about 80 km northwest off Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast. Said to be the final resting place of a fabled dragon princess who had turned herself into an island in the South China Sea, Pulau Tioman is truly one of the most beautiful islands in the region.
Blessed with miles and miles of soft white sand, swaying palms, wild flowers growing in vivid profusion and cool waterfalls cascading down green slopes, Pulau Tioman is an adventurer’s paradise for quiet retreats, trekking, sunbathing and sea sports.
Noted for crystal clear water as far down as 33 metres, Pulau Tioman is a veritable garden of colourful marine life, offering underwater sportsmen some of the best dive sites in the world.

On the mainland, 5 km from the town of Kuantan and overlooking the South Chine Sea, is Teluk Cempedak. A sundrenched beach with two international class hotels, it offers excellent water sport activities such as sailing, surfing, water skiing and sunbathing.
Seven kilometres north of Kuantan lies the fishing village of Beserah. Well known for its salted fish, it is one of the few places in Malaysia where fishermen employ water buffaloes to transport their fish from the boats to the processing area.
Aside from fishing, Beserah supports many cottage industries, including a batik factory and a handicraft workshop that produces items made from sea shells and coconuts. You can take a taxi from Kuantan town or from the airport to reach Beserah.

One beach synonymous with Asia’s first Club Mediterranee is Cherating. Located approximately 47km north of Kuantan, this world famous Club accupies only a small part of the beach. A variety of accommodations are available in Cherating, including affordable but comfortable rooms and chalets.
Foremost among Cherating’s attractions is the rustic atmosphere and warm hospitality of the village folk who usually play host to its visitors. To enjoy this friendly environment, you can arrange to stay at an inexpensive village hut.

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