Floral of Malaysia

These are some typical flowers easily found in the country.


A native of South America, the bougainvillea has also made its home in Malaysia famous as an ornamental garden plant and widely used for landscaping purposes, the bougainvillea is seen in parks and along the roadside. The flower was named after a French sea captain, Louis Antoine de Bougainvillea though how that came about it unknown.
There are over 250 species of the bougainvilleas and they flower all year round. Though the actual white-yellow flower in itself is small, it is the layer of bracts that makes it attractive.


This is a group of flowering shrubs famous for their pendulous bell-like flowers, usually in two contrasting


Dubbed as the Queen of Tropical Flowers, the hibiscus signifies peace and happiness. The Rosa sinensis variety of the hibiscus has been adopted as the national flower as it most common. Its delicate petals which are light and fine, varies in hue from light red to pale pink. The petals have a crinckled formation with serrated edges. The hibiscus is a native of the country.
Hibiscus can grow to between one to three metres high. The flowers are normally made up one layer of corolla and five petals. It has a tube which extrudes stamens and inside it is something similar to a thread with ends having five stigmas which become furry and sticky when in full bloom.


This is one of the best known garden shrub in Malaysia. Widely cultivated in most homes in the countryside for its colourful appearance.


The Rafflesia plant has the largest, solitary and fleshy flower in the world. Quite a number have been found in the forest of the northern half of Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia and in the lowland forest of Perak and Pahang. Other species have been found in Sumatra. The name Rafflesia was in honour of Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore. Being a parasite, the plant has no leaves and therefore cannot synthesise from the ground any nutrients it requires.


A yellow allamanda is a common shrub which flowers all year round. Its glossy green leaves give a beautiful contrast to its large yellow flowers. Propagation is by stem cuttings.


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