Tanjung Bidara, 35 km north of Malacca town, is one of Malacca’s popular beach resorts. A beach with swaying casuarinas and fine white sand, its cove is perfectly suited for swimming and a host of water sports. There are also numerous shade trees for cosy picnics.
Add to these attractions, the journey through Malacca’s scenic countryside of swaying padi fields and Malay kampung houses and Tanjung Bidara is a serene hideaway worth visiting. Those wishing to stay longer will find nearby chalets and motel rooms at Tanjung Bidara Resort, where tennis courts, game rooms and facilities for canoeing, water-skiing and jet-skiing are available.
Visitors looking for a beach that is closer to Malacca town will find Klebang ideal. A magnificent sweep of sand caressed by gentle tides, it hugs an equally attractive stretch of glistening blue water. Tranquil and alluring, you may discover the urge to go swimming or to simply wander the beaches admiring the splendour of the scenery.
Another enchanting beach along the Straits of Malacca is Tanjung Kling, about 15 km north of Malacca town. A sandy white stretch set within a coconut grove, it is conducive for swimming, picnicking and canoeing. For a bit of sightseeing, there is the unique octagonal minaret and tiled steps of the Tanjung Kling Mosque, just north of the beach. About one kilometre away lies the grave of Hang Tuah, the legendary Malay warrior.

Located approximately 3 nautical miles off Pengkalan Pernu at Umbai, 10 km south of Malacca town, is Pulau Besar. Covering an area of 133 hectares, it is the largest of eight islands off the coast of Malacca. Believed to be the location of Malaysia’s earliest civilisation, it abounds in legends about mermaids and princesses, as well as sacred graves and shrines.
An island of unspoilt natural beauty, it is a haven of tranquility for those in search of fresh air and silky white beaches. There is an international class hotel and several beach chalets, an 18-hole international golf course, a yacht club and a host of sea sport facilities for fishing, parasailing, wind-surfing, water-skiing and snorkelling. The island is an equally inviting spot for island hopping, swimming, camping, picnicking and jungle trekking.

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