To reach these enchanting resorts, you must travel to the small coastal town of Lumut approximately 84 km south of lpoh. Once a relatively unknown fishing village, it has since acquired the distinction of being the home base of the Royal Malaysian Navy, as well as the departure point to the beautiful islands in the Straits of Malacca.
Of interest here is the Naval Museum which houses a collection of ancient weapons and artifacts,known as well for its novelty gifts crafted from shells and coral, there are shops for souvenir hunters opposite the jetty. Close by is the town’s landscaped park and clock tower, from which one can catch a scenic view of the sea.

About 6 1/2 km south of Lumut is the palm fringed beach of Teluk Batik, a favourite haunt for campers, picnickers and sun seekers. Calm and warm, the coastal waters along this stretch are also ideal for swimming and canoeing.
The Pesta Laut Lumut (Lumut Sea Festival), an annual event celebrated with sea-sport competitions, colourful regattas and cultural shows,is held here between the months of August and September.


Forty minutes by ferry from Lumut is the popular island resort of Pulau Pangkor. Located about 90km sothwest of Ipoh, it is largely inhabited by fisherfolk who live in scattered settlements along the eastern coast, fishing for cuttle fish and anchovies.
The real attraction here, however, are its enchanting beaches along the western coastline.
Pantai Puteri Dewi (Golden Sands) or literally, ‘Beach of the Lovely Princess’ with its white sand, tropical surroundings and sparkling bay is one particular spot. Site of the Pan Pacific Resort, this stretch of beach offers guests elegant accommodation, convention rooms, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, a golf course and facilities for snorkelling and windsurfing.


Off the main island of Pulau Pangkor is Pulau Pangkor Laut, a privately-owned island that is open to the public. Relatively unspoit, this 825-hectare island is affectionately known as ‘Fantasy Island’, due to its lush tropical surroundings and crystal clear waters.

Among its finest beaches is Emerald Bay.Reputed to be one of the best beaches on the west coast of Malaysia, the upscale Pangkor Laut Resort sits here, fronting powdery white beaches and offering guests endless hours of swimming in emerald waters.
The resort also provides a range of recreational and sporting facilities as well, including snorkelling, water scooters, water skiing, parasailing, canoeing, catamaran sailing, windsurfing and scuba diving.

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